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Sponsor A Child

Empower a child and their community to break away from poverty. What is child sponsorship? Solving extreme poverty starts with empowering people to help themselves. That’s why child sponsors partner with communities to fix the root causes of poverty for children, with essentials like clean water, nutritious food, healthcare, education, protection and economic opportunities.

Infusion100 Fundraising page – raising money for a school in Ghana

Who is Infusion100: 5 years ago an idea was born from a management training course in Sandhurst to walk 100km across the Thames path in London (from Cookham to HSBC in Canary Wharf) in 24 hours to raise money to build a school in Malwai. Since that time we have walked over 2000km in the UK, China, Canada, America, Mexico, New Zealand and Hong Kong. To raise money to build 5 schools in Malaiw (2), Senegal (1), Haiti, Nicaragua and a house build in Mexico. These schools have educated over 1500 children a year, illustrating that anything is possible, when you bring people together for a common aim: one step at a time one brick at at time.